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Telephone systems - free advice

This site gives you free access to one of the UK's leading experts on TELEPHONE SYSTEMS for small to medium sized businesses.

tecwork are one of the UK's leading expert on Telephone Systems for small to medium sized businesses. Our experts have designed and implemented hundreds of telephone systems since 1998 including systems for the NHS, The Stage Newspaper, Trinity College London and the A-Z Map Company. 

This web site covers the following essential elements concerning choosing your new telephone systems:

  • Where to start
  • Different types of telephone systems available
  • Comparing quotations
  • Tips on choosing suppliers
  • Financing your telephone system
  • Future-proofing your investment
  • Cabling
  • Tips on service, support and maintenance
  • Different lines available

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You can get help with choosing a new Telephone System by completing our enquiry form.

Choosing a new pbx (as they are often referred to) for your business is a difficult task and we can help. Our guidance will give you the information the telephone system suppliers won't want you to know about and will help you immensely to avoid the pitfalls!

It will give you insider secrets on how to compare phone system quotations from different telephone system suppliers as well as choosing a supplier that has your best interests at heart and uses a consultative method rather than just trying to sell you a new telephone system with their own agenda.

We will give you help and ideas on how to finance a new  system, which type of phone system you should deploy (not all systems use the same technology) and what considerations you should think about when choosing your new phone system.

You will be armed with the correct information regarding cabling for your new system, lead-times for ordering a new phone system with help and guidance and a lot more besides.  

Telephone Systems - what to consider 

Buying a system is fraught with problems and you will be considering the following:

How to choose a system - Different types  - Choosing suppliers - How to buy  - Telephone system maintenance and support

Which product is most reliable - Expansion - Where to buy - Comparing  systems - Comparing quotes - Which telephone linesto install - What cabling to install - Each of these topics is covered in detail on this web site

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