How do you choose a new telephone system?

Great question!

Start with asking yourself a few questions about your telephone system requirements such as:

Do I need a new telephone system?

Is my current telephone system doing what I want it to do?

Where is my current telephone system letting me down?

What would I ideally want my telephone system to do?

Is my telephone system old or new - can my telephone system be updated easily?

What does my telephone system do compared with my competitor's telephone system?

Is there an upgrade path for my telephone system?

Did the salesperson do a good job and let me know my upgrade options as far as my telephone system is concerned?

Have I  had second opinions on my telephone system from different telephone system support companies or telephone system suppliers?

Have I met someone I trust regarding my telephone system who can tell me what my options are?

Make sure you are happy with the technology being deployed and that it has been explained to you fully - eg digital, analogue, ISDN2e (BRI), ISDN30 (PRI), SIP trunks, SIP extensions, VoIP, H323 etc.

If you feel uncomfortable with any of the above answers our opinion is you are dealing with the wrong people!

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